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Developed by John Boyd, Research Director,  Fellowship of First Fleeters

John is a descendant of Frederick Jnr.


Follow the link to the Fellowship of First Fleeters, South Coast Chapter for many useful links that John has researched over the years - http://www.fffsouthcoast.50g.com/genealogy.htm


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If you like jigsaw puzzles, detective novels, Cluedo and the

Thrill of a chase, you’ll love GENEALOGY @ Janet Reakes Historian 1986


Tracing one’s ancestors can be a thrilling and rewarding experience – but it can also be frustrating and expensive. GENEALOGY helps you gain an appreciation of your ancestors and you delve into your Family Tree.

And., importantly, remember that you can’t change what has already happened!



  1. ALWAYS work backwards from the known (yourself) to the unknown (your forebears)

  2. NEVER believe everything on a Birth, Death of Marriage certificate

  3. NEVER completely trust the spelling of surnames, place names etc

  4. ALWAYS check surname variants when researching

  5. ALWAYS have at least two sperate sources of proof for each event

  6. REMEMBER that everything is only speculation until verified

  7. ALWAYS photocopy or scan certificates and important documents and leave the originals in a safe place

  8. IF a document exists, read it!!

  9. JOIN at least one Family History Group, Genealogy Society or Historical Society

  10. SHARE your information and documentation (copies only) with other researchers

@ Australian Family Tree Connections Magazine December 2011




NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriage          www.bdm.nsw.gov.au/familyHistory/

Records since 1788 of Births (up to 1911), Deaths (up to1981) and Marriages (up to 1961).


The State Archives- State Records NSW                  www.records.nsw.gov.au

The repository of the official archives of the State of NSW

Publish a monthly electronic newsletter advising updates etc


Society of Australian Genealogists                          www.sag.org.au

Established in 1937- Helping people trace family history for over 75 years

Publish a monthly electronic newsletter advising upcoming events and courses. Also have started giving podcasts on history                                                                                  Publish the quarterly ‘Descent’ magazine


Fellowship of First Fleeters                                     www.fellowshipfirstfleeters.org.au

Established in 1968- For Descendants of those who arrived in Sydney Cove with the First Fleet on 26th January 1788

Publish the bi-monthly ‘Founders’ Magazine


FFF South Coast Chapter                                        www.fffsouthcoast.50g.com

One of 15 Chapters of the FFF-Established in 2002- For those First Fleet descendants living in the area between Engadine and Birrill Lake

Publish the bi-monthly ‘Colony’ Newsletter


The 1788-1820 Pioneer Association Inc                  www.the1788-1820pioneerassociation.org.au

Established in 1968- for those descendants of the early pioneers up to 1820 and to encourage the preservation of our heritage

Publish bi-monthly ‘The Pioneer Gazette’


Descendants of Convicts Inc                                     www.vicnet.net.au

Established in 1981-for those who can claim a convict forebear, transported to the Australian Colony between 1788 and 1868.

Publish the bi-monthly ‘The Mail’ newsletter


Friends of the 1st Government House Site (Inc)      www.ffghs.org.au

Established in 1983-To promote awareness and research into the 1st Government House Site 1788-1845

Publish the quarterly ‘The Site Gazette’ newsletter


State Library/Mitchell Library/Dixon Collection  www.sl.nsw.gov.au

The State Library of NSW, including the Mitchell Library and the Dixon Collection, is the unique major research and reference library in NSW


Australian Cemeteries Index                                    www.austcemindex.com

Transcriptions & photos of many Cemeteries mainly in NSW but expanding to rest of Australia


Convict Stockade                                                        www.historyaustralia.org.au

A Wiki site for Australian Convict Researchers


The Ryerson Index                                                      www.ryersonindex.org

An index to contemporary death notices and obituaries in Australian Newspapers

-Some 199 Newspapers and 3,384,335 entries (as at Feb 2012)


National Archives of Australia                                  www.naa.gov.au

Described on their web site as the memory of our nation- collecting and preserving Australian Government records that reflect our history and identity.


National Library of Australia                                    www.nla.gov.au

‘We cannot understand the present or plan for the future without the knowledge of the past’ – Prime Minister Harold Holt, Stone Ceremony March 1966.

TROVE.                                                                       www.trove.nla.gov.au

Established by the National Library of Australia – The digitised newspapers of Australia from the 1820’s onwards


Irish Famine Memorial                                              www.irishfaminememorial.org

The Australian Monument to the Great Irish Famine (1845-1848) located at Hyde Park Barracks, Macquarie St Sydney.

The web site also contains some of the records of the 4400 Irish Orphan Girls who were shipped to Australia during 1848-1850.

Australian ANZACS on the Great War 1914-1918  www.aif.adfa.edu.au

Established in 2003-A database of the 330,000 men and women who served overseas in the First Australian Imperial Force- hosted by UNSW@ADFA.


Australian War Memorial                                         www.awm.gov.au

A Museum commemorating the sacrifice of Australians who died in War

Publishes a regular Electronic newsletter + the ‘Wartime’ magazine


Roll of Honour- Australian War Memorial             www.awm.gov.au/research/people.roll_of_honour/

Records of Australia’s war dead


WW2 Nominal Roll                                                     www.ww2roll.gov.au

Service record details of individuals who served in Australia’s defence forces and the Australian Merchant Navy during World War 2


Commonwealth War Graves Commission                www.cwgc.org

Commemorates the 1,7000,000 men and women of the Commonwealth forces who died in the two world wars.


The War Graves Photographic Project                    www.twgpp.org

A project set up by the UK Ministry of Defence to photograph every war grave, individual memorial and family memorial of serving personnel from WW1 to the present day. Due to popularity it has now been extended to all nationalities and military conflicts.


Family and Friends of the 1st AIF                             www.fffaif.org.au

Established in 1998-Dedicated to Digger History and Keeping The Memory Alive! Of the First AIF Diggers who served in the Great War (1914-1918)

Publish quarterly ‘Digger’ magazine


Free Family Tree Site (Tribal Pages)                       www.tribalpages.com

Enables you to build your own Family Tree Web Site easily and effortlessly- Over 350,000 Family Trees hosted by the web site.


Free Family Tree Site (Mundia by hosted Ancestory.com)   www.mundia.com.au

Enables you to create your Family Tree, trace your family history, and connect with relatives around the world


The Proceedings at Old Bailey 1674-1913-              www.oldbaileyonline.org

Records of the trials of non-elite people, containing the records of 197745 criminal trails held at London’s Central Criminal Court.


Australian Royalty (Convict Ancestors)                   www.easystreetretreat.com.au/australianroyalty/

Coined from a comment by Actor Jack Thompson on “Who Do You Think You Are” that these days, unlike in the past, having a Convict ancestor gives you the status of Australian Royalty- Over 52000 individual records on the data base as at November 2011


Inside History Magazine                                             www.insidehistory.com.au

For people passionate about Australian & New Zealand Genealogy, history & heritage

Published ‘Inside History’ magazine bi-monthly


Australian Family Tree Connections Magazine        www.aftc.com.au

The independent monthly magazine for Australian and New Zealand Family Historians, with a listing of genealogy events in both countries

Publishes monthly’ Australian Family Tree Connections’


These are just a small sample of the many WEB SITES and History Publications available to assist with your research, but always apply GOLDEN RULES OF GENEALOGY Nos 5 & 6 when searching and using information available on the Internet.

John Boyd, Research Director, 

Fellowship of First Fleeters

March 2012.


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