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Frederick Meredith fathered nine children, all of whom were born in the new colony. Like Frederick, many of his children led interesting and adventuresome lives, while the inhabitants of a new country were busy with exploration and development. Many of them witnessed the growth of new settlements from birth to fruition. Frederick had a long involvement with the Police force in the new colony. Firstly, he was one of the volunteer law officers of the Royal Sydney Association and then one of the first Constables of the established Police force. His illustrious career and courageous stories of chasing bushrangers must have impressed his young sons, as both Frederick Junior and William followed in their father’s footsteps into the Police force.


While Frederick's sons followed their father's career path, his daughters inherited his spirit for travel and adventure. Several of his daughters moved to regions of colony development and helped to shape the communities they lived within.


Sophia and Ann went to live in Hobart Town in Tasmania, while it was still developing as a city and farming district. Sophia and her husband were involved in the building industry while Ann moved to the farming district of Sandy Bay.


Frederick’s eldest daughter Charlotte overcame the tragedy of losing her partner and her means of support, and later moved to Port Macquarie in its earliest days of settlement. Not only did she assist her husband with his business, she lived in an area that is still considered today to be difficult to access on foot.


Eleanor, the youngest, had connections with the Police force through her first husband, but like Frederick, her spirit for adventure took over and she ran away twice, the second taking her north to a new husband and new life.


Today, the Frederick Meredith descendants trace their line of descent through Frederick's children, and it is these stories that many consider to be the most important to be told. Family traits that were individual to each of his children can be seen in their children and their children's children, continuing down the line to the present day. Many of the descendants, particularly Frederick's grandchildren, continued his love of travel and adventure and moved to other colonies in New Zealand and Fiji, assisting in the development of those nations. There is also a strong family connection with the Police and defence forces with many of Frederick's descendants serving in both World Wars, and several younger generation descendants are currently working in the Police force. The following stories explore the lives of Frederick's children, their tragedies and hardships, and how these were overcome in some of Australia's most difficult times as a new country.



 Frederick Meredith's Children

Charlotte b.9 May 1790 d.1792   Mother Mary Allen
Amelia   b. 10 May 1793 d.1794   Mother Ann Case
Charlotte b.26 April1794 d. 3 March 1851   Mother Mary Kirk


Children of Frederick and Sarah Mason

Frederick    b. 17 March 1801 d. 10 February 1861  
Sophia    b. 8 June l803   d. 3 April 1890  
Elizabeth b. 8 July 1805   d. an infant  
William b. 1 March 1807   d. 4 April 1861  
Ann         b. 2l June 1811 d. 16 August 188O  
Eleanor     b. 17 Nov l813 d. 20 February 1893